Subject Anti-Semitism in Korea
Writer kim3454
Date 2015-11-04
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Anti-Semitic footages

OH MY NEWS>> "Get Lost! Israeli murders", a tragedy of monuments of holocaust victims.


Yonhap>> Israel should stop Gaza massacre.


-       Israel is more cruel than Nazi

KyungHyang>> Why Media is abetting Israeli Nazi brutality

Maeil News>> Merciful Israeli Army

Comparing Israeli Army with Nazi with historical explanation.


Segye News>> If you want to stand, let others stand first.

chosun>> Hitler was too, once a child.

Voice of People >>



Voice of people>> Israel Nazi



'Isn't Israel a victim of Nazi? These days, Nazi's madness appears in Israel's face.'


SBS World Report>>

Zionists had secret pact with Nazi to kill Jews, and those Zionists are the key members of Israeli government.


KBS News>>

Comparing Israel to Nazi



Slaughter in Gaza
Jews, power and human nature