To encourage, enhance, develop, promote and convey the State of Israel’s History and Culture from the Spiritual/Religious and Secular perspectives, to showcase all the contributions The Jewish Nation and Jewish People have made in all fields; Medicine and Science, Technology, Agriculture and Water Conservation, Psychology, Education, Family Development, the Military and Security, etc. These people have built Israel into a modern thriving Democratic Nation, and contributed to the world at large. The Israel House will showcase “The Holy Land” and encourage cross-cultural travel, business and partnering, revealing the similarities of both Korea and Israel, from ancient culture into modern times. We will have religious and cultural artifacts displayed, power point, video and audio presentations on differing subjects, i.e. Judaism and cities of import, land and environs, heritage, people and food, religious sites (Jewish, Christian), culture, agriculture, military, Kibbutzim, immigration, “The Neighborhood”, etc. We will showcase the (Holocaust); the tragic, dramatic, hateful evil of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the deaths of 6 million Jewish people, and 6 million others. People need to deeply understand why a Holocaust must “Never Ever Happen Again!” Each individual can stand against this kind of human depravity, and make it end! We will also deal with how Anti-Semitism evolved through the centuries, and the correlations with other genocide’s that have occurred.